Privacy Policy

Delta Upsilon collects personal contact information from its membership.  This information is only used to inform members of upcoming events and to solicit help for the association.  Member information is never sold or used for any personal purpose, nor is it used to enhance a personal agenda of any members.

Every member of the San Diego County Delta upsilon Alumni Association or San Diego Chapter of Delta Upsilon who has access to lists of names and information collected by the association or for any purpose related to the association, must sign an agreement to protect the privacy of the membership.  Below is a copy of the Membership Access Agreement.

Translation: We will not sell your info or use it for anything other than sending out a newsletter or update from time to time.



By signing this agreement, you acknowledge the right to privacy of the individuals listed in the database of the San Diego County Delta Upsilon Alumni Association (referred to in this agreement as the Association).  The database is the property of the association.  All information of initiated members, associate members, little sisters, friends or family members contained in the database is for Association use only.  Information from the database is not to be used for personal purposes, to solicit business, or for other commercial purposes.  Any communication to members listed in this database must be about the business of the Association, directly related to your work for the Association, and as directed by the Association.

Giving the database, or any portion thereof, to third parties, whether they are associated or not associated with the organization is strictly prohibited.

All group or mass communication (communication to 3 or more members at once) to members in the database is strictly prohibited unless directed to do so by the Association. It is understood that some members already possess personal information for other members.   As long as no communication is made on behalf of the San Diego County Delta Upsilon Alumni Association, Delta Upsilon or any affiliated organization, the Association does not restrict the use of information gathered independent of the database and outside the direction of the Association.

Your signature signifies your compliance with this agreement.


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